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Members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Alaska, 2003

As is characteristic of the Baháí Faith throughout the world, "Unity in Diversity" is noticeably exemplified by the Baháí Community in Alaska. Working and growing spiritually in unity, Baháís of varying ethnic backgrounds are bringing to fruition and reality the true concept of the "Oneness of Mankind." This far spread Alaska Baháí Community is especially favored and invigorated by the spiritual astuteness, talents and leadership strengths of the many Eskimo, Aleut and Indian followers of Bahá'u'lláh.

This growing "flower garden" of Alaskan Baháís has been steadfastly guided and nurtured through some 65 years by many Baháí travel teachers and pioneers of the Faith who journeyed great distances to promote the Baháí Faith in Alaska; many of these teachers established permanent homes (pioneers) in this vast and challenging new state.

The historical archives of the Faith record that the first Baháí to reside in Alaska was Ms. Margaret Green who taught the Faith in Juneau from 1915-1918 while supporting herself by work as a public librarian. Although there had been several teaching trips and some temporary residence in Alaska in the 1920's, it wasn't until 1939 that the Baháí Faith was permanently established in Alaska. By 1940 there were Baháís in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Over the years entire Baháí families settled in Alaska; some acquired and developed large homesteads such as the Huffman's and the Gregory's in the Anchorage area.

In 1943, the first Baháí Local Spiritual Assembly in Alaska was formed in Anchorage. In February of 1948, this Anchorage Baháí Assembly was legally incorporated under Alaska territorial statutes. By 1949, the Baháí marriage service was recognized by the Attorney General for Alaska. The establishment of the Baháí Local Spiritual Assemblies of Fairbanks (1955), Tanana Valley (1956), Ketchikan (1956) and Juneau (1957), was followed in 1957 by the formation and legal incorporation of the "National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháís of Alaska." This momentous event for the Faith in Alaska provided for an organized administrative structure to help guide the affairs, growth and outreach of the overall Alaska Bahá'í Community. The National Spiritual Assembly of Alaska, among other responsibilities, maintains liaison and coordination with the Baháí World Centre in Haifa, Israel as well as with other National Assemblies throughout the world.
From 1960 on there has been accelerated growth of the Faith in Alaska. Entering the 1980's, the Baháí Faith was established in over 200 localities in Alaska with more than 60 Local Spiritual Assemblies, 26 of which were legally incorporated.

Though greatly abbreviated, this summary of "The Baháí Faith in Alaska" demonstrates, in part, some evidences of the animating, universal Call of the Baháí Faith. The vast wealth of Baháí history, teachings/principles and ennobling Holy Scriptures are available for study and consideration by anyone in Alaska--or elsewhere. Independent investigation of the teachings and beliefs of the Baháí Faith is most warmly encouraged. Further information can be obtained through correspondence with the:

Baháí National Office
13501 Brayton Drive, Suite 9,
Anchorage, AK 99516-3478

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